Corey Davis, RDH

    Corey decided to go to school to become a Dental Hygienist after being a Dental Assistant because of her passion of helping others maintain their oral care. Corey graduated from Colorado Northwestern College with her Dental Hygiene in 1998 which included training to administer local anesthetic. She later expanded her abilities and received training to have the ability to write prescriptions. This has expanded her knowledge of medications and helped those patients who require pre medications before their dental cleanings.

    As an Independent Dental Hygienist, I am able to care for patients based on their individual needs without bias and to spend time getting to know them as an individual. My goal is to teach proper dental habits in order to prevent decay and disease. I love all the people I have cared for over the past several years while building A Bright Smile. As I found enjoyment and gratitude from my patients, I wanted to give other hygienists the opportunities to become independent. We all now work together to provide the quality of care each patient deserves.

    My other love in life is my supportive husband and my two beautiful and talented children. With my extra time, I enjoy riding horses. If not chasing Ella and Max around for their sports including hockey, swimming, basketball and 4-H, you will find me at the barn.

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